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ohio sports collector Strongsville 2015 dealers

Company Name Dealer Name State
Bagger's Sportscards Dave Schrader Ohio
Barnett & Bockmon Sports Collectibles Bill Barnett & Clay Bockman West Virginia
Baseball Historian New Book Signing Scott Longert Ohio
Bill Rosenthal Sports Bill Rosenthal Maryland
Brian Dec Vintage Sports Brian Dec Florida
Buckler Cards Chris & Chris Buckler Kentucky
Chappell's Cards William Chappell Indiana
Chuck Lobenthal Chuck Lobenthal Ohio
Cutthroat Cards Larry Kerrigan Ontario
Dan's Cards Dan Bowling Ohio
Dennis Vanke Dennis Vanke Ohio
Fusco Auctions (Show Promoter) Paul Fusco Ohio
Gary Nuchereno Gary Nuchereno New York
Greg Bussineau Sports Rarities Chris Porter Michigan
GSM Sports Chris Mares Ohio
Heritage Auction Co. Peter Calderon Tony Giese Texas
Hooked on Cards Tom and Shirley Huff Ohio
Huggins & Scott Auctions Bill Huggins Maryland
Infield Collectibles Irene Pike Ohio
J.D. Heckathorn J.D.Heckathorn Indiana
Jack's Cards Jack Kerekes Ohio
Jerry Adamic Jerry Adamic Texas
Joe's Cards Joe Breitenbach Ohio
Johnson Sports Collectibles Wayne Johnson Indiana
JSA Authentication James Spence New Jersey
Kevin Savage Cards Kevin Savage Ohio
Lee Galleries Henry Lee Connecticut
Legendary Auctions Mark Theotikos Illinois
Legendary Sports Limited James Osborne Ohio
Lelands (Show Sponsor) Mike Hefner New York
Little Rascals Relics Darla Bernhardt & Jane Wehmeier Ohio
Love of the Game Auctions Al Cristafuli New Jersey
Macomb Sportscards Rob Pasini Michigan
Mezzanine Sportscards Jerry Katz Ohio
Mile High Cards Brian Drent Colorado
New Deal Used Cards Scott Snyder Ohio
Nick Migliaccio Sports Cards Nick Migliaccio New Jersey
Oliverio and Son Dr. Lou (Bill) Oliverio Ohio
Overpaid Cards Bob Southall Ohio
Payne Sports Collectibles Tim Payne Iowa
Phillips Vintage Sportscards Danny Phillips Ohio
Playball Ink Kevin Kill Ohio
Rare Sports Films Doak Ewing Illinois
Shoebox Cards Wayne Varner Pennsylvania
Sin-Bin Hockey Jim Misencik Ohio
Snider 5 Vintage Baseball Herb Watson Virginia
Sports Antiquities Michael Golsteyn Michigan
Sports Card Guaranty Co. SGC Earl Johnson & Mike Root New Jersey
Stampcards Paul Korst Ohio
Stan Devecka Stan Devecka Ohio
Stan's Vintage Sports Cards Stan Loch Ohio
Steve Slockett Steve Slockett West Virginia
The Lip 13 Mike Lipka Ohio
Tim Imes Tim Imes Kentucky
Uncle Dick Dick DeCourcy North Carolina
Vintage Cardboard Collectibles Michael Milbourn Ohio
Xsellent Stuff Damon Kruszewski Ohio
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